Communications Expert

Stand And Deliver

How to Tell and Sell a Message
That Gets Results!

To succeed in today’s intensely competitive business environment you need to be able to present a clear, concise and compelling message that gets results!

But 90% of business presenters fail because they are using outdated skills and techniques to give stale and ineffective presentations that are useless in today’s business world.

The costs are staggering and it doesn’t have to be that way!

In Stand And Deliver discover how to:

  • Open… So People Lean in, Listen Intently and Want More!
  • Close… So You Are Memorable, Motivating and Successful!
  • Use Visual Aids to Support Not Sabotage Your Message!
  • Be Brilliant Not Boring and Get Results Instead of Rejection!
  • Present with Unshakable Confidence and Competence!

Stand And Deliver is ideal for anyone who wants to master the art and science of telling and selling a message that gets results… anywhere, anytime, to anyone!

What people are saying about … Stand and Deliver

"After more than two decades in corporate communications, Stand and Deliver is simply the best leadership communications training I've witnessed. The magic behind the program is Chuck Coté's skill in helping individuals build on their own unique strengths to develop a clear and persuasive personal delivery style. People come out of the program ready to deliver the right messages, to the right audiences, in the right way. Money well spent!"

Fletcher Dean
Director, Executive Speechwriting
The Dow Chemical Company

"Thank you on behalf of the Ingenuity IEQ sales and marketing team for providing us with Stand and Deliver. There is no doubt in my mind that your training and coaching gave our team members the bite, snack and meal they needed to be successful in creating positive results with our clients."

Michael T. Fox
President & CEO
Ingenuity IEQ

"Thank you for providing your Stand and Deliver training and coaching for twenty-five of our Three Rivers Corporation team members. The powerful process you taught them is producing results that are significant both on the marketing/sales side of our business as well as the positive delivery of our safety message. The people who participated in Stand and Deliver have an unshakable level of confidence and competence whether they are presenting internally or externally."

Dan Kozakiewicz
Three Rivers Corporation

"Chuck Coté led a group of our employees through Stand and Deliver training to help them better communicate in a clear, concise and compelling manner what differentiates Tri-Star Trust Bank from its competitors. Candidly the program was pointed towards enhancing sales, but as we went though the process it was clear what Chuck was leading us through was much more than sales training. Thanks Chuck for helping me bring into focus the fun I'm having at Tri-Star and for the right reasons too!"

Larry L. Preston, JD
Chief Executive Officer
Tri-Star Trust Bank

"Thanks for delivering us the secret weapon Chuck. That's how our team sees the benefits of the Stand and Deliver presentation training. Having spent 20 years in sales and marketing I felt I had more than enough experience in making presentations and I didn't need any additional training. Boy was I mistaken!

As I prepared my speech before the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland your personal attention and the benefits of your training and coaching became crystal clear. Not only did I know exactly how to effectively construct and prepare my presentation, but the confidence I had made all the difference in the world. What a great feeling!"

Mike Efting
Quadrem International, Inc.

"The results we are achieving with the Stand and Deliver process are significant. Not only do we have a clearly defined message that is easy to articulate, we are also presenting our message consistently and effectively. I highly recommend Stand and Deliver to any organization looking for a more efficient way to communicate their message to a wide range of recipients."

Bill Moneypenny
President & CEO

"Stand and Deliver has taught me how to effectively deliver a presentation to both internal and external customer audiences in a powerful and meaningful way. On behalf of the rest of my Dow colleagues, who also participated in your workshop, a sincere Thank You for giving us to opportunity to learn and grow in such an open environment."

Toni McEwan
Marketing Manager
The Dow Chemical Company

"Without a doubt, Stand and Deliver provided the critical tools and knowledge that our people needed to drive the adoption of our marketplace. Our ability to clearly communicate, especially articulating new concepts, has improved dramatically."

Charles Jackson
Chief Operating Officer
Quadrem International, Inc.